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hey kids

im jamie and i just joined

im veganstraightedge
ive been veg for over 4 yrs and edge for 2
ummm im 16
i do photos for local and signed bands in florida, or bands touring through florida

if you want to know more, checkout my myspace.

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Hi. I'm new to a lot of communities, so I thought I'd x-post to a few like-minded places, sharing my music and stuff.

The name of my project is Hindu Pez, a powernoise/digital hardcore project that's been going on for 2 or so years.

You can stream one of my tracks, "anti EMO anthem" over at my myspace account, or you can download it and two other tracks at my audiostreet webspace.

Any suggestions, musically speaking, or comments are greatly welcome and appreciated.

If this sort of post isn't allowed please let me know for future reference.

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Night Of The Living Dead

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I've got some records on eBay...

MONSTER X DEMO 7" hardcore sxe thrash grindcore 1993

DEATHREAT 7" hardcore thrash grindcore crust RARE

THRASH AHOY! JAPANESE 7" hardcore grindcore JAPAN rare

all records start at $1.00 and will combine shipping on multiple bids.

thanks ahead of time, i got fired from my job so eBay is my eIncome right now.

if this post isn't ok, delete it

ASD Auctions


Irrational is a four some based in Winter Park, FL. For music, videos and other info go to http://www.irrationalband.com or check out http://profile.myspace.com/users/3768821

Show schedule:
July, 25 2004 at The Social
54 N. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
Cost: $5
w/ Horizen and Ezekiels Eye 18+ | Irrational @ 10pm

July, 26 2004 at The Marlin
1200 Collins Ave , Miami Beach, FL 33139
Cost: Free
With 10Sheen (Acoustic Set) 11:11 with Darkhak Movie Premiere | 18+

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Hey I need a possible new roommate to take my annoying roommates place. He might go to jail next month for a DUI. My boyfriend and I live in this huge awsome art-deco townhouse in central Boca Raton with our 3 cats. The room is a bit pricey at 650 a month plus about 100 for utilities. We dont mind renting it out temporary or permanent. The room for rent is blackish grey with shag carpeting, a wall of closets, access to a HUGE balcony and its own bathroom.

come on in and take a lookCollapse )